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Biodiversity-based Products

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Giao Co Lam - Special Product of Hoang Lien NP

As an old story, GCL was first found out in the primitive forest at height of 2000m which belongs to Fansipan mountain in Lao Cai Province.
After finding the tree, scientist had to wait the flowering and results of this tree. Because after bloomer, they could identify scientific name of it. More over, period of waiting time was over one year.

After being discovered on Phanxipang mountain, Giao Co Lam was continued to be found out in the northern provinces of Vietnam such as Ha Giang, Hoa Binh...

According to ethnic minorities in the Northern Mountains, who usually drink water which is boiled together with Giao Co Lam, almost they has longevity over 100 years. So How can these people have such high longevity? We would find the answer through wonderful characteristics of Giao Co Lam.
Depend on shape and characteristics, Giao Co Lam is classified to many types such as Giao Co Lam 5 leaves, 7 leaves, 9 leaves. However, Giao Co Lam which has 7 leaves is the most special type of tree because this type has unique properties and it is only planted in Hoang Lien NP


"Saponin" content of 7 leaves Giao Co Lam is highest in all type of Giao Co Lam - 2.52% which compares to the others, so 7 leaves Giao Co Lam has best property in stabilizing blood pressure, preventing atherosclerosis, reducing blood sugar and preventing complications of diabetes
For use: Giao Co Lam can use directly and indirectly such as eating directly in daily dishhes, packing in teabagging, in form of tablet or boiling with fresh water to drink instead of fresh daily water. And this is common way which ethnic minorities use with Giao Co Lam.

Currently, Hoang Lien NP has been supporting people in surrounding area to plant 7 leaves Giao Co Lam in their own gardens to improve livehoods and the protection of biological diversity, the sustainable development of Giao Co Lam.

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