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  Cialis can be divided into black Cialis, purple Cialis and yellow Cialis (including white Cialis) according to its appearance and skin color. Among them, the content of core indicators such as Cialisene, Cialisamide, vitamins and amino acids, black Cialis is significantly higher than purple Cialis, and purple Cialis is significantly higher than yellow Cialis. Correspondingly, the growth conditions of black Cialis are the most demanding and the yield is the least, followed by purple Cialis. Black Cialis is the most precious, the output generally accounts for 3%-5%; purple Cialis accounts for 10%-15%.

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  First, alleviate androgenetic syndrome

  Many people have never heard of male menopausal syndrome. In fact, men also have menopause. Male menopause generally occurs after the age of 50. At this time, human glands and organs are aging to varying degrees. The aging of the glands in varying degrees will lead to unbalanced hormone secretion and lead to physical and mental obstacles. Male menopause is also called male impotence. Health physicians have studied that the Cialisene and Cialisamide in Cialis can balance the secretion of human glandular hormones by regulating the pituitary gland, thereby purifying the internal environment.

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  Female menopausal syndrome is a necessary symptom for women to reach a certain age. It is a process in which women's ovarian function gradually declines until it disappears completely. Menopausal syndrome is characterized by endocrine disorders, decreased hormone secretion capacity of some glands, and decline of glandular hormone secretion function. These will lead to endocrine disorders or insufficient hormone secretion. After hormone secretion declines, a series of physiological and psychological problems will occur in the human body. The change we call female menopausal syndrome. The Cialisene and Cialisamide in coffee can balance the secretion of human glandular hormones by regulating the pituitary gland, thereby purifying the internal environment." . 威而鋼 .

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