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All about Biodiversity-based products (BBPs)
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Enhancing BBP value chains

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Biodiversity-based products (BBPs) comprise physical, tangible products as well as services that are dependent on or derived from biodiversity resources or the natural ecosystems.
Derived from medicinal plants and herbs (medicinal spices, herbal teas)
Derived from or supported by natural ecosystems (spices, honey, wild tea, mushrooms, coffee, wild fruit and vegetables [jam, dried fruit, juices], wines, soybean products)
Derived from plants, herbs, resins and essential oils (e.g., soaps, makeup products containing natural ingredients, essential oils)
Products using raw materials sourced from nature (e.g., rattan and bamboo
products, handwoven textiles)
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by Owen
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Based on biodiversity and natural ecosystems (e.g., birdwatching tours, mangrove tours)
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